The madness begins

Yes, we’ve started thinking about home decor. In particular, I’m starting to take a real interest in lighting, as there are a few fixtures that just have to go. (There shall be no exposed lightbulbs in the hallway!)

So imagine my joy when I looked up the Rejuvenation website. It’s amazing, and surprisingly affordable.

But the fa├žade of affordability crumbles when you start looking at the whole thing. A fixture here, some paint there, and–oh, a new sofabed!–and suddenly Jay has no lunch money for two weeks.

I am way too much of a control freak to do a Trading Spaces-type thing, but as it gets closer to closing we may have to invite a few folks over to give us your thoughts on paint colors and things like that. I have probably indulged the decorative urge a bit more than David, but I feel like I lack the Interior Design Gene that we gays are all assumed to have. I know what I like, but trying to explain how I think wall color and trim and fabrics should work together is exasperating.

The other weird thing is that although I love the farmhouse style of Casa Nonfamous, I’ve never really had much interest in anything country (with the exception of my “Okie kitsch” fascination of 1997-1998). So my personal style (if one whose entire furniture collection comes from Ikea can reasonably claim to have a personal style) is in abeyance when it comes to this house. I’m definitely a minimalist, and that will work, but my love of sleek, modern shapes doesn’t necessarily fit the spirit of the place. Currently, the Venn diagram of “what I’ve thought I liked all these years” and “what will look good” really only intersects at “black and white photography.”

My big concept is that David and I will find ourselves in some small-town antique shop in Oklahoma over Christmas and find a house full of amazing furniture for like $500. That’s probably not going to happen, but if anyone there wants to do some snooping around, it sure would make me feel better.