“Why wine costs what it does”

The NYT has an article this morning with the very straightforward headline Why Wine Costs What It Does. I’ve obviously been thinking about this a lot as I wonder just how much our little wine club might costs.

To that end, here is a good guideline:

Quality and perception are hard to separate. “You can get a really great bottle of wine for $40,” Mr. Motto said. “Beyond that, it’s something that depends on how discriminating you are, how important it is to your life, how much you can afford.”

I’m going to suggest that we focus on wines under $20, and maybe do an occassional “splurge night” where we spend up to $40. Does that sound reasonable, or is all of this just completely outrageous in a world where children are starving?

3 thoughts on ““Why wine costs what it does””

  1. I’m not going to make an attempt to justify a wine tasting club in a world of chaos, but I’m on board with limiting the cost per bottle, especially considering the volume per person we’ve been discussing for these events. We might want to consider, as well, the idea of doing a certain number per night in the $10 range and have only a bottle or two approaching $20.

  2. Let’s make it a hard-and-fast $15 cap with cheapness encouraged.

    You and I are going to have to splita bottle and work out these details!

  3. One of my joys of drinking wine is finding the great wine, cheaply priced. (I just love finding a bargain.) I’d suggest the below $12 range, with at least one bottom-of-the-barrel selection per night.

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