Microsoft, Java, Nancy Kerrigan and my poor little knee

Sun’s rather whiny antitrust case against Microsoft got a lot more fun yesterday as Federal Judge Frederick Motz compared Microsoft’s business tactics to the kneecap-busting antics of Tonya Harding‘s posse. This NYT article includes a rather spirited quote from Motz:

The judge likened Java to Nancy Kerrigan, who was clubbed in the knee while practicing for the United States figure skating championships in 1994. Ms. Harding’s supporters “kneecapped Nancy Kerrigan’s knee,” the judge said. “Nancy Kerrigan is deprived of the opportunity to compete on two good knees.”

I must say that this line of analogy really brings the case home to me– an athlete who has also recently been deprived of the opportunity to compete on two good knees. But while Kerrigan was attacked by only two assailants, I was mauled by no less than five players from the San Francisco Fog RFC. Where’s my media circus? Where’s my antitrust case?

I mean, fine, they didn’t mean to hurt me that bad, and didn’t use a tire iron, but still. I’m all bitter about it again because yesterday’s appointment with my surgeon revealed that my knee is still too swollen to even consider surgery. I’m due back in six weeks for reevaluation– by which point I hope the MS-Sun case is over.