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October 08, 2003

My big adventure

First, I promise never to do it again.

So Short Dad took me on a great walk yesterday. We went all the way down to the market so he could get more half-and-half for Tall Dad's coffee. (He's nice like that, you know?) Since stores discriminate against dogs, I had to stay on my leash outside like I always do. No biggie, right?

I'm not sure what it was... a car just went by and it sounded like "whoo-whooooo" or something. Cars should not make that noise. Flipping out a bit, I did my patented "reverse-step collar-slip" and voila, my neck stopped jingling. It was so cool to be able to walk around without making noise. It was like I was in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell or something.

Anyway, I was sneaking around when Short Dad came out of the store in a panic. (He looks really funny when he's alarmed.) I decided I wasn't ready to go home, so I went round the corner instead. Oh look, a squirrel!

Our new neighborhood is cool! Lots of houses, lots of dogs, lots of places to hide. I kind of lost track of time and didn't realize how worried the Dads Plural would be. Apparently really worried. But, on the flip side, I'm a celebrity! Sometime after dark, I saw this sign on a light pole and realized that I was, like, lost. Then I realized I didn't know where I was. I read the poster again. "Very shy... will not come if called, and will run if chased or startled." Wow. Am I that big a wuss? If so, should I really be out here alone?

So it was about this time that I thought, I'm hungry. The Dads are worried. Maybe I should go home. Where exactly is home?

It took me a lot of wandering around, but I got there about 2 in the morning. I was dog tired, and just wanted to crawl into my wicker bed (which I promise not to chew any more.) And wouldn't you know it, as I came up the front steps, the door opened and there was Short Dad, dressed only in a towel. I ran right up to the bedroom and started drinking my water. Tall Dad woke up and asked if he was dreaming, and then had me jump up on the bed, even though I was wet and stinky. They were talking about looking for me, and how our new friend Jamie helped. What a nice guy!

Those Dads must really love me, because they were so happy to see me they were crying. Short Dad put my collar back on my, so I'm all jingly again. You know, I like that sound! But Short Dad, does it have to be so tight?

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