Camel Milk Chocolates

As a true chocolate lover, I’m not immediately against this, but I’m not for it right away either. I guess I have to get my brain around the fact that the Al Ain Dairy’s Camel Milk Chocolate don’t taste any more like camel than the Zauner chocolate I favor tastes like cows. Plus these babies were made in cooperation with the Austrians who know their way around a confection or a piece of candy. I’m willing to suspend disbelief until I’ve tasted the product in question.

It sounds good in text:

“I have combined camel milk from Al Ain and honey from Yemen, and we end up with a healthy, tasty and delicious chocolate,” commented Georg Hochleitner, who is a recognised and reputed chocolate maker in Austria.

…but I don’t know if we’ll get the chance to try it out here in the US any time soon. Anyone planning on going to the UAE? Could you ship back a package for the nonfamousi?

Peanut Butter for Grownups

I rent my place out every winter while I travel. One of the funny little fringe bennies of doing that are the surprises I find in my house when I get home. Last year I came home to a new toaster, a stunning array of pancake mixes, and an excellent Tefal skillet on which to cook the aforementioned pancakes.

This year I found a first rate citrus squeezer, a freezer full of chicken breasts and caviar (no kidding!) and the most delicious thing I’ve had on toast ever: Cashew Butter from Urban Pantry. It’s awesome. It’s made with a little bit of hot chili oil so it has the tiniest bite. Get some here.

Tip: You have to take it out of the fridge well before you use it, it sets up to a rather odd consistency that’s nigh unspreadable.

Also, in case you’re wondering where I get these miraculous short term renters: Craig’s List, of course.

Stabbed in the Kitchen

Since I love themes, and last week I brought to light the topic of my cleaning outfits, I thought that I would start a theme. Today: COOKING. Do you ever get frustrated in the kitchen? Does your Caesar turn fishy? Does that Crème Brulee burn instead of turning a golden brown? And God knows I hate it when the Tofurky turns to rubber!

Well, instead of kicking the dog, or pushing your mother down a flight of stairs, I have found the perfect answer to the end of Kitchen Frustration!

Every country has it’s horrifying prepackaged goods, I suppose

While I will give David and Terry the benefit of the doubt about all the flavored chips in England (though not lamb and mint. I’m sorry. I’ve never tasted lamb with mint jelly, but that just seems so wrong. And I love lamb.) Sara’s comment about the unfairness of comparing the scary end of the local grocery to the show window of an Italian baking cathedral got me to remembering that even in Italia, there were some none-too-appetizing looking foodstuffs lurking on shelves here and there.

Case in point, electric-colored pastas.


There were a few other things in the shops in Italy that gave me pause as well. Like wine in Ssips boxes–you know those juice box things with the straws we had as kids? And tuna salad topped pizza. Or deviled ham panini. (Who EVER thought that would be a good idea?)

But Diet Coke was better there. As was pretty much everything else. Like cheese.


And sunset.

OK, maybe eating this will actually make you feel better

So, since the BBC’s list of 50 things you must eat before you die doesn’t seem to be sitting too well with the nonfamosi (and, of course, should we be terribly surprised that a bunch of foodies wouldn’t be suitably impressed with a British list of delectables), I’m going to go ahead and create my own list. And, Elaine, welcome, and I whole-heartedly agree with you that homegrown tomatoes, warm from the garden are absolutely the sort of thing that everyone should live long enough to eat.

I hope my list resonates with you all a bit more (and maybe surprises you a little?), but really, in compiling this list, I’m realizing how silly an exercise this is. What is a life-changing (or even life-enriching) food experience is too subjective. However, as the nonfamous culinary fascista, I’ll list 50 foods that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.
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