Google says: “You’re dead to us!”

According to Google, no longer exists. We used to have some highly-ranked pages (formerly the #3 source on Bonsai Kittens!) but now, nada.

A few weeks ago a spammer got into our site (exploiting a bug in the blog software we use) and added a bunch of casino spam links (and, as a reader kindly informed me, sent out a bunch of spam too). Once we discovered it we deleted the content and our wonderful host administrator Mark helped us to upgrade us to a new version of the blog software so the problem won’t happen again.

We’ve let Google know what happened and have requested reinclusion to their index, but it might be a while before you can Google us again.

Damn spammers.

“Meet the couples who can’t marry here”

As David foreshadowed a few days ago, we made the pages of the Seattle PI today. Susan Paynter is wonderful. We got connected with her earlier this week through our friends at the Pride Foundation and talked to her on Tuesday, before we knew how the State Supreme Court case would turn out. Oh well…

For posterity’s sake, my family “turned on a dime” the minute I came out–they didn’t wait for the wedding. But I know it did make a big difference to them.

As disappointed as I am about the court’s decision, I do believe that the best long-term approach is to go through the legislative process. Had we won, we would have spent the next five years in a defensive position trying to keep the Rethuglicans in Olympia and Tim Eyman from defeating us again–not to mention reinvigorating backers of efforts to write a marriage ban into the US Constitution. Much better, in my view, to set to work building support for a future legislative shift.

Demographics are on our side–people under 30 support our right to marry. As MLK said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Our time will come. And on that day when David and I can make our marriage official in Washington, we’ll throw one hell of a party!

Unlucky? Yes. Unthirsty? HELL YES!!!

On a Monday when I have chased after a runaway dog in my bathrobe, unleashed a torrent of scalding water inside my house and incurred $500 in charges from the plumber — all before nine in the morning! — I think it’s fair to say I need a drink. Right. Now.

So I couldn’t be happier to find a Google Maps app for directionally challenged lushes. You have to love the “happy hours at this very moment” checkbox. Unthirsty, where have you been all my life?

I’m off to get that drink!

An Australian in New York

I’ve been here in New York all this week on business. As usual on such trips, I haven’t had much of a time to look around. But unlike most times I visit NY, I’m actually staying over for the weekend. I’m heading to Boston tomorrow, and it didn’t make much sense to head back home just for a day. Sadly though, Jay couldn’t make it out, so I’m here on my lonesome.

Anyway, this is the first chance I’ve really had to be a tourist in New York, despite visiting here many times before. I’ll blog about my visits in subsequent posts. Sorry, no photos: I didn’t think to bring my camera on a business trip!

Contributor Archives

There’s a new feature on the site: contributor archives. If you visit the “Contributors” page (see the link at the top of the sidebar to the right), there’s a list of all the nonfamousi in the sidebar, with links to all the posts by each author. You can also click on the author’s name at the end of each post to get the same archive.

WordPress 2.0 is quite cool. 🙂

[Update by Jay: The contributors page is now updated.]