The Selfish Democrat

I’ve just spent the day with the Kerry organizers at an office north of here. They’re recruiting precinct captains for the last 45 days before the election. It’s all about getting out the vote, people, and they really need your help.

Apparently, they’re all really hush hush about what’s going on in their offices. When I asked if I could take some pictures, they asked me a bunch of questions about who they were for. Another campaign staffer asked me if I was going to be writing about what I’m up to for anyone. They really want to keep things under wraps. This is a huge bummer for me, because you all know there’s nothing I’d rather do than blab on and on about what I got up to during the day. Well, the second best thing to that is going to be having you there with me. So as things progress and I get more involved, I’m going to be asking you to join me. That way I won’t have to describe it to you in sanitized terms, you can experience it for yourself. You folks who aren’t my neighbors, I beg you, get in touch with your local office and go sign up.
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