From the War is Peace files

So, the top weapons inspector in Iraq says that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction since 1991, thus, of course, adding more evidence to the mountain of it showing that the administration lied about the reasons for invading the country. Right?

Apparently not. The fact that one of the two main reasons for going to war was a complete fabrication justifies the decision to go to war, according to Cheney.

Ok, so I understand the concept of spin. But I feel like good old Fuck Cheney has put reality into a centrifuge.

Simple question

Since everyone keeps mentioning Reagan’s “body blow” against Carter in the 1980 debate…

“Are you better off than you were two Bushes ago?”

Two terms of out-of-touch jerks who find democracy pesky and debates demeaning is enough. Even Reagan was better than this. And while we’re at it, Senate races are tightening up– it looks like we might end up down by just two seats. Give some money to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is focusing on close races. Let’s not stop with a Kerry victory–let’s get ready to start talking about how long his coattails are. $51 is a great amount– symbolizing the 51 seats that will turn Frist and the Rethuglican committee chairs out so we can start undoing the damage done to democracy in the past four years.

How kerry almost lost my vote last night

I admit, I only watched part of the debate last night. It was painful and irritating, and one of the most offensive moments of the entire campaign came early–and from John Kerry’s mouth.

Neither of them said much of substance from what I could tell, but in discussing the fiasco in Iraq, Kerry said at least twice that 90% of the casualties in Iraq were Americans. So, somewhere around 1,000 Americans have been killed, and the estimates from varying sources indicate somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 Iraqis have been killed. It takes some pretty skillful manipulation of mathematical principals to come up with Americans representing 90% of the deaths.

Then he got the vote back when Bush, upon being asked about the miscalculations in the plan for after the war was over, basically said that the war had ended too quickly and we’d planned to kill a lot more people first, which we didn’t get to do.

I wish I liked Kerry better. I really do. But I can’t. On the other hand, I couldn’t hate Bush more. So Kerry keeps my vote.

And thanks to Dan Savage for teaching me the most useful and relevant new word I’ve learned in years.

Doing my duty to save our language

In this week’s Savage Love, Dan mentioned that after a visit to NPR’s The Next Big Thing, he was challenged with resurrecting a few words that have fallen into obsolescence. Although they were all perfectly fine words, my personal favorite–and the one that I can see pushing into very relevant usage these days–is kakistocracy (a society governed by its worst citizens).

In fact, I’m going one step further. I bet we would actually find that there will be quite a few posts that would easily fit into the kakistocracy category.