Next Big Apple Cash Cow?

Apple Computer (AAPL ) has summoned journalists and analysts far and wide to an unveiling of “just one more thing.” The e-mailed invitation includes a curtain that looks suspiciously like those found in movie houses, fueling speculation that the Oct. 12 event concerns a souped-up version of the iPod that can play movies.

In the realm of “He who has the most toys wins” Apple has the market. The Just One More Thing announcement comes at a time when the only prevelent portable video devices are removable disk based (that’s so 2001) leaving many to speculate that Jobs team has come up with something much more clever and much more profitable. The vPod (I’m calling it that because it’s way obvious) will open the doors to video podcasting and make Adam Curry the smartest/richest MTV VJ ever. Not to mention what it’ll do to commercial and adult video industry. I can see it now, that new Richard Greico movie going straight to podcast. I guess we’ll have to see on October 12.

Anyone care to speculate on the name?