Classy, really classy.

This is how our (ouch!) Vice-President, the President of the Senate explains how he was justified in telling a U.S. Senator “fuck yourself” at an official Senate event:

He had challenged my integrity. And I didn’t like that. But, most of all, I didn’t like the fact that after he had done so then he wanted to act like, you know, everything’s peaches and cream. And I informed him of my view of his conduct in no uncertain terms.”

EXCUSE ME? Who is acting like “everything’s peaches and cream”? Close to a thousand U.S. soldiers have died and Cheney tells us the war was a great idea and then accuses someone else of putting on a happy face? Unbelievable.

The Washington Post points out that the exchange occurred on the same day the Senate passed legislation described as the “Defense of Decency Act” by 99 to 1. The same article details how the White House Chief of Staff reacted when John Kerry said Bush’s Iraq policy was “fucked” up:

“That’s beneath John Kerry,” Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. said. “I’m very disappointed that he would use that kind of language. I’m hoping that he’s apologizing at least to himself, because that’s not the John Kerry that I know.”

No, that’s the Dick Cheney that you know.