December 19th, 2008

Some serious weather heading our way

Think the snow yesterday was a big deal for Seattle?  Wait ’til Saturday night.  Cliff Mass has the details.

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December 18th, 2008

Holy Healthcare, Bushman!

Why can’t it be January 21st, 2009 already? (I know that whole space-time continuum thing)

George W. Bush wants healthcare workers (including anyone, even a receptionist booking appointments) to be able to deny you healthcare based upon their religious/moral/ethical beliefs. Not on your need or legally protected right but their beliefs. I (and the readers of this blog) am well aware that states already provide for this in the case of pharmacists, doctors and nurses. Now the Bushman wants to extend this to any employee of a healthcare company and not require the individual to declare their objection prior to hiring/scheduling/working.

My real point here is with everything this healthcare system already does to deny healthcare to those who need it, why is our government working to provide new ways to disenfranchise those who need it? But when the Republican candidtate doesn’t believe that pregnancy is really dangerous, are any of us really surprised?

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December 16th, 2008

Think Globally, Drink Locally and Stop being such a Snob!

A little over a year ago a couple of really smart guys did a study about what goes into a bottle of wine’s carbon footprint. Turns out that the vineyard itself is actually carbon neutral and depending upon fertilizer choice and harvesting techniques can actually go negative (if you believed Ronald Reagan in the 80’s you aren’t going to get that point). The biggest contributors to the production of CO2 in the manufacture of a bottle of wine are the packaging and the shipping. So what have wineries and wine regions been doing to either a) minimize the CO2 being created or b) exploit this fact to ensure that their wines are seen as the “greener” choice by consumers? More important, what can we, as consumers, do to encourage green behavior and make greener choices?
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December 15th, 2008

I fear the crows are plotting to take over the world

If they are already scouring the ground for loose change to feed into vending machines how long before they steal our weapons and overthrow their human overlords?

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December 13th, 2008

On the other side of the camera for once

I’m much more used to being behind the scenes — and I did pick the angles for this one — but I have to say I feel like I did OK in the King 5 piece.

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December 12th, 2008

How Ewing and Clark Construction betrayed our trust and cheated us out of tens of thousands of dollars

No pride here. Anything we write will be Googled and Googled against us. We trusted a company we shouldn’t have. Nobody should trust any company sharing their name. (Oh, and their logo!) For the record, these placements took me about 20 minutes of effort. As we say in the business, pretty good return on investment.

Confidential to all the Ewing and Clark staffers out there: someone using your name has fucked with the wrong faggots. We wrote checks when you asked for them, praised your work to all our friends, and will never, ever forgive what you did to our home.  I get paid considerable amounts of money to keep brands in the media spotlight, and it’s often hard to do… but I could do this job in my sleep. And where the court of public opinion leaves off, the courts of law just keep going and going. We have one hell of a shark on retainer… don’t go in the water!

That being said, this blog post, and the iceberg it is the tip of, can be permanently expunged for a mutually agreeable sum. Mutual nondisparagement and all that. Until you’re ready to have that discussion, the Ewing and Clark name will be popping up in all kinds of interesting places. If you doubt we can do it… just ask Virginia.

P.S. Friends of Casa Nonfamous… she has been rocking it old school since 1899 and you can’t keep a great house down. We WILL be celebrating Christmas in our home!

P.P.S. Lien releases, y’all. Get them from anybody paid to come to your house, except maybe the mail man and the pizza guy.

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December 9th, 2008

Lenticular clouds over Mt Rainier

The downside about Seattle in the winter is that it’s dark when you leave for work and it’s dark when you go home.  So it’s not surprising that I didn’t see The Mountain today.  But I’m SO sad I missed seeing these lenticular clouds that appeared over Mt. Rainier today.

Lenticular clouds over Mt Rainier

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