Shave the Date (Marti made me do it)

And by “made” I mean “dared” as everyone knows I hate to turn down a dare…

Marti dared me to post this link to Mominatrix, a site whose claim to fame is “banging out sex advice” from a parent’s perspective. Apparently after reproduction, a regular sex columnist won’t do… this one makes multiple references to the challenges of getting your freak despite the physical derangements of childbirth and the logistical challenges the little offspring pose. Who knew?

You’ve got to give the writer credit for linking the great democratic reboot of January 20, 2009 with a moment of mass depilation. And if you still haven’t figured out what I’m talking about… here’s another clue:

Look people — grooming doesn’t stop at the neck. There have been worse ideas than shaving down for Inauguration Day. It’s definitely change we can believe in.

One thought on “Shave the Date (Marti made me do it)”

  1. Let me be clear…this was on Mominatrix’s other blog. I haven’t found the need for sex advice from strangers. Yet. Thank God.

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