Lunchtime Scrabble results

I usually play a game of Scrabble online over lunch. Today’s was a fun one. Not the highest-scoring game I’ve ever played, but it was satisfying to pull a win after my opponent got two bingoes:

Scrabble Game

(I’m nonfamous, in blue.) Most of the Scrabble games I play tend to end up with compact, closed-in boards but this one was wide open the whole game, which made it a lot of fun. I’ve never seen a game where all 8 triple-word-score tiles get used, but this one came close. Not too many wacky scrabble-player-only words, either, not even the newly-allowed two-letter powerhouses ZA or KI or JA.

One thought on “Lunchtime Scrabble results”

  1. Now that I know that you are a huge geek who plays Scrabble over lunch every day I am feeling a little better about my crushing Scrabble defeat a few years ago at the beach. For a guy who doesn’t speak American, you are pretty good 😉

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