Robot bowls a perfect 300

… in Wii Sports Bowling

Still, a very impressive effort, documented in detail here. Wii Bowling is a frustratingly realistic game — it picks up my natural (and unintendended) left spin with such accuracy that I have difficulty breaking 200 in the game. It’s impressive that the robot is consistent enough to strike every time. It’s also impressive that Wii Sports still picks up a bit of natural variation — each strike has slightly different pin action.

I remain impressed by the sensitivity of the Wii Remote. I just got Tiger Woods golf, it’s an amazing game. I have a nasty hook with almost every stroke, and it’s easy to pin that on a fault with the game. But I’m confident it’s just my lack of skill. (I suck even more at real golf.) I’m confident a robot like this would be consistent enough to challenge Tiger in the game’s final championship.