Robot bowls a perfect 300

… in Wii Sports Bowling

Still, a very impressive effort, documented in detail here. Wii Bowling is a frustratingly realistic game — it picks up my natural (and unintendended) left spin with such accuracy that I have difficulty breaking 200 in the game. It’s impressive that the robot is consistent enough to strike every time. It’s also impressive that Wii Sports still picks up a bit of natural variation — each strike has slightly different pin action.

I remain impressed by the sensitivity of the Wii Remote. I just got Tiger Woods golf, it’s an amazing game. I have a nasty hook with almost every stroke, and it’s easy to pin that on a fault with the game. But I’m confident it’s just my lack of skill. (I suck even more at real golf.) I’m confident a robot like this would be consistent enough to challenge Tiger in the game’s final championship.

A sense of scale

Here’s a wonderful image of all (known) bodies in the solar system larger than 200 miles in diameter. I love this picture not just because I’m a space nut, but also because ever since I started reading Tufte I’ve been fascinated by how simple organization — in this case, ordering the planets, moons, and asteroids by size and lining them up — can bring meaning and understanding out of what would otherwise be an arbitrary collection of facts. I’ve seen many attempts to illustrate how much bigger the Sun is than the planets before — here’s another great, but humbling example — but by narrowing the focus to just bodies in the solar system Alan Taylor gives a great sense in the variety and distribution of sizes of objects. The Earth no longer seems so insignificant!

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

What happens when you don’t sleep for 5 days? You go from writing this:

I haven’t slept in 29 hours … Right now I’m feeling drowsy. I’ve been drinking a cup of coffee every now and then, and it’s working well …

To this:

i haven not slept in 126 hrs … my mental aptitude is completely shot. words that come out of my mout are completely random ; nonsensicle …

Apparently, you either turn into a drunk or a 15-year-old blog commenter.

See the descent in action at (Via Sullivan.)

In case I don’t see you, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.

Like the rest of you, the new year has brought many new time wasting activities that have kept me away from the keyboard. There have been very few techno things lately that I’ve had desire to blog about and with everyone else in the world blogging their collective asses off, I haven’t the time to try and compete.

That being said, I came across this article on Wired News in my morning ritual of coffee and RSS feeds.

“Somehow, some viewer relayed a call through Justin’s phone number to the San Francisco 911 and reported a stabbing.” Welcome to daily happenings of, the latest experiment in reality TV on the web. Visitors to the site see a small, low-resolution audio/video feed coming from a camera mounted on star Kan’s head

Ha! That’s a good pr… wait, WHAT? Did I just read that someone has mounted a camera to their head and is streaming it for the world to see? I quickly run over to to find out. Sure enough, I see a live feed of Justin sleeping in the fetal position at 6:30 am PST. This is nothing new really… it’s been attempted before by many porn sites. But this is the first time I know of someone strapping a camera to their head and taking it with them everywhere.
History: Based out of San Fran, 4 friends decided that they could make some money by streaming one guys life 24/7. And it looks like it’s working. Justin Kan has only been live for 4 days and 9 hours (although they have been testing for a couple months) and has already managed sponsorship. No stats on how many people are watching Justin, but at one time this morning I counted at least 100 people in the 1st chat room. People watching have access to all that is Justin… dates, parties, bathroom visits, sex (if some girl is willing to have her face/body plastered all over the internets), etc. You can see his schedule for the day, read his blog, call him and even go back through archives at different meetings, etc.
So this begs the question: will “we” watch and why? Is this the same as reading US Weekly or any other media that attempts to bring us into the lives of other, albeit celebrities, people . But Justin isn’t really a celeb… so what’s the appeal? It brings up memories of the movie The Truman Show. Truman unknowingly had the attention of the whole world and thus the appeal of someone being genuine. But Justin knows he’s on so where’s the appeal? Could it be like a mullet or a car wreck? It shouldn’t be that interesting but you just can’t stop watching it. I don’t know what it is, but I’m finding it hard not to watch.

UPDATE: i never thought about txting him. since his phone number is posted on the site, you can txt him and INTERACT with what you’re watching.

Finally, those Mexico pics

Sorry for the egregious delay. These things take time… and the ability to look at vacation pictures without wondering why, why, WHY we came back!


Seriously… why? David and I spent a week in Troncones, which is simply amazing. It’s rustic and off the beaten path, but features a dozen places where you can get a great meal and killer margaritas. And Casa Colorida, where we stayed, is nothing short of amazing and we can’t wait to stay there again. It’s just a short stumble down the beach from “El Burro Borracho.” In addition to cheap booze, El Burro serves a mean huachinango, the local specialty of red snapper fried with garlic, as well as an amazing ceviche.
The full gallery is here. Enjoy!