Conan beats Serena at Wii Tennis

This is a great clip. Conan O’Brian challenges Australian Open champion Serena Williams to a match of Wii Tennis … and wins!

Wii Sports certainly seems to bring the best out of unlikely candidates. First Jay beats me at boxing, Paulette beats Matt at bowling … and now this! Seriously though, I think this has been a key aspect of the success of the Wii. Jay and I never played competitive Xbox together very much, because I play it more and in most games it’s how much you’ve played — as opposed to innate skill — that determine who wins. But with the Wii, you don’t need to have had experience at the video game to play well, just familiarity with the game itself. That’s why so many people who’ve never played a video game before are getting into the Wii: it’s fun to play with others.