Beautiful World

My Aunt Helen in Australia sent me this amazing picture. Her words say it all:

Hi there friends, what a sensational planet!! How lucky are we…..this was taken on AUSTRALIA DAY 2007!

Fireworks, Lightning, Sunset, a Comet, and the greatest of Aussie icons, the Beach all in one image.

In addition to the obvious features in the photo, look between the two displays of lighting up the sky to see the third – McNaught’s Comet.

The photo was taken just north of Hillary’s Marina (W.A.), which you can see the harbour wall on the left with fireworks being launched.

Click on the thumbnail for the full glory, and happy (belated) Australia Day!

McNaught Comet, Australia Day

Update: The photographer is Antti Kemppainen, and according to the feature on Astronomy Picture of the Day, the photo is actually a montage of three separate photos to create the panorama.