Garden Nonfamous

Since several people have asked for them, here are photos of what I guess we have to call Garden Nonfamous. With the expert help of Michael Muro Garden Design, we ripped out the strange remnants of the previous owners’ landscaping and replaced it with a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant design. There were a number of things, like the sloping bed in front of the fence, that just never worked at all. We’re really pleased with the results and as everything fills in we expect to be even more so.

I’m most excited about the amount of early-blooming plants we included. I love things that bloom in late winter when I’m always so ready for spring, and with lenten rose, witch hazel and some crocuses, we have something to look forward to through the cold months. This is one of those things that I just don’t think we could have done ourselves… to do 10% as good a job would have taken every weekend for months, not including all the time it would have taken to learn about landscaping and pick our own plants. It was a pleasure to work with Michael, and if you’re interested in the details you can geek out with the design and the plant legend. We made a few changes in the plants but for the most part this is an accurate map of what we had done. I’m still working on being able to tell people what everything is… I’ve always admired Mamaw’s encyclopedic knowledge of plants so this feels like a good start.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how we’re going to keep Max and Easy from destroying everything, we fenced off the back yard for them. Their need to bark at every passing dog has now been replaced by an obsession with keeping the hated crows out of their new territory.

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