The Man, politics, women and posing

All I wanted to do is write up some nice blog posts about man stuff, but dammit if politics didn’t interfere over the weekend. I stumbled across a catfight that got me thinking and the more I think about it the more it seems like part of the carnival of modern man.

So it’s like this. Bill Clinton (The All Singing All Dancing Carnival of Modern Man that he is) decided to invite some bloggers to Harlem for lunch to talk about how the netroots and the cheap suits can work together to save democracy, America and the world. Sounds reasonable. My friend mcjoan, Aravosis and a few others were more than happy to accept the invitation– as was Jessica at Feministing. If you follow that link, you’ll read about how things went south. Apparently, a conservative blogger decided that this picture proves something about not just Jessica’s character, but the character of anyone who would have lunch with Bill Clinton.

Granted, the blogger who first took issue with Jessica is a woman. But if you read the comments here, or Lindsay’s helpful recap here, you can get quite an insight into some of the stranger rides parked along the midway at the carnival. Not so pretty. (What is it about boobies that makes conservatives go publicly nuts?)

I’m wondering what the guys reading think of this? Do you think she’s dressed inappropriately, or posing in an obvious or ridiculous way? Does she look like Monica Lewinsky? And at a time when we are fighting and losing two wars–and spoiling for a third–could anything matter less?

I just don’t see it. But then again, brunettes and boobs are not my speciality. And that’s just the kind of I am.

3 thoughts on “The Man, politics, women and posing”

  1. Oh Brother!!! This pisses me off as well. 1) she can’t help that she’s pretty. 2) yes she’s posing, but HELLO…if I were getting my picture taken anywhere with anywho, I’d automatically throw myself into the more flattering 1/4 turn. and 3) I’m sure the bloggers pictures weren’t pre-screened prior to recieving an invitation to this event.

  2. I’m a single, late twenties, straight man. Does that qualify me to answer?

    It looks like she’s doing what any regularly photographed woman does. Anyone that’s taken photography or has sat for a portrait knows this. Not to mention they are standing in a semi-circle which anyone (that had brains enough to go to elementary school) knows that you have to face the middle.
    Also, if you look at the other posted photo, it confirms what my original impression was… that she’s trying not to block the view of BC from the camera. What’s the point in having your picture taken with President William Jefferson Clinton if you can’t see him? She was really doing everyone in the room a favor. I this photo before I went to any other website and this is my honest impression of what I saw.

    (Sarcasm ON)
    I can see how some may interpret her “front and center” and “posing” as some diobolical plan to have sex with the President. Not to mention her lack of make-up is really just another sub-plot to cover up the fact that she’s secretly trying to hog the spotlight. And what’s the deal with breasts??? Shouldn’t she have taped them down before leaving the hotel? Did she run out of duct tape? Couldn’t she have gotten a reduction before putting on that form fitting shirt?
    (Sarcasm OFF)

    “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” ~ H. G. Wells

  3. Not a guy but willing to throw this out for consideration:

    “Meow! Pffft! Hissss!”

    Ann Althouse is just incredibly pissed off that she was not invited because secretly she wanted to be a White House intern but had to settle for teaching law in Madison, WI.

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