et tu, mickey mouse?

Hey nonfamosi,

ABC is planning on showing a “documentary” on Sunday night called “Path to 9/11” which is apparently just more Bush administration propaganda, this time blaming Clinton for the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The democrats, bless ’em, have a petition going to send off to Disney to say this is most definitely not cool, and violates the responsibility to the public. Please send off a note too.

Do any of you know how to find out who ABC’s Sunday night sponsors are. It might be worth letting them know that some of us would hold them responsible for airing bullshit like this that panders to the Lying Bastard in Chief and his jihad to take the middle east, one oil-producing nation at a time. I smell a boycott in the air.

One thought on “et tu, mickey mouse?”

  1. While the scent of boycott is on the breeze, I reckon it’s a good day to invite all your friends round for a re-screening of Fahrenheit 911. In fact, I think EVERYONE might rent it and have screening parties. If only there was a way to spread the word to get lots and lots of people watching Fahrenheit 911 instead of ABC’s program….

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