Get a free grande Starbucks every day for the next month

It sure as hell looks like your typical internet coupon hoax, but it’s for real. If you take this coupon to your local Starbucks you can get a free grande iced drink! For our coffee-drinking friends this could be a real saving over the promotional period — it lasts until 9/30. Apparently this was a local promotion that got emailed around the country, and Starbucks HQ has agreed to honour it nationwide. Many digg readers have reported enjoying their free coffees. Expanded to the entire US, this could cost Starbucks a fair bit — I wonder how much trouble the regional promotions manager got into over this.

Update: The promotion has been cancelled. (Thanks to Annett for the heads-up.)

2 thoughts on “Get a free grande Starbucks every day for the next month”

  1. If this costs Starbucks money, then okay. Otherwise, please don’t support the company owned by the man who sold Seattle’s 40-year old NBA team and champion WNBA team out from under us. No matter what Howard Shultz does with that company, he’ll always be known as Seattle’s traitor to me. Boycott Starbucks!

  2. Looks like Snopes was just updated on the 29th – Starbucks changed their mind. No more freebies.

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