Brooke is back

This just in ladies…big, bushy eyebrows are back.  In case your eyebrows don’t suddenly grow in because Vogue has issued an edict (in direct contrast to the edicts of the past 10 years), there is help:

“For those with very sparse brows, some salons offer eyebrow extensions. At LuxLash on Newbury Street in Boston, for example, Suzanne Cats, the owner, thickens brows by gluing a tiny fiber onto each existing hair. The process, which costs $75 to $250, can take 45 minutes to two hours and the false eyebrow effect lasts two weeks, she said. She also offers brow prosthetics — hairpieces for the eyebrows — in 20 different shapes and shades.”

Seriously, eyebrow merkins?  Thank god I live in the NW.