A rare bit of good news for gay couples

The Federal government now has one less way to screw gay couples when one partner dies. Courtesy of the HRC and a few reasonable legistlators:

The Federal Pension Protection Act passed by Congress and signed into law today by President George W. Bush contains two key provisions that will extend important financial protections to same-sex couples and other Americans who leave their retirement savings to non-spouse beneficiaries. The bipartisan provisions in the bill are a step forward in equality and stem from a continuous effort led by the Human Rights Campaign.

David and I have actually worried about this sort of thing a lot. It’s one less thing to worry about, which these days is really important–because we all have plenty to worry about!

One thought on “A rare bit of good news for gay couples”

  1. This is really great news. I never knew that the old law discriminated– shows how privileged I am to be in a “traditional” marriage. Our investment advisor talked about the two instances discussed in the article when we set up our beneficiaries, but while she is married to a woman she never said that I could only do this because I am married to a man.

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