Things I learned in the Stranger today

Today’s Slog was rather ripe with notable stories, and even though very few of them dealt with the whole supposed plot to blow up airplanes with Gatorade and iPods.

  • About half of Americans think that American Muslims aren’t loyal to the US, and almost 40% think they should have to carry special ID. (maybe like wearing some kind of symbol to identify themselves?)
  • Five years is too long for Americans to remember major events like September 11. No wonder Georgie-Boy’s handlers figure no one will remember that they made up the reasons for invading Iraq. Entertaining:
  • This guy is challenging Maria Cantwell in the democratic primary. My personal favorite of his platforms: “Promote the involvement of for-profit companies such as Boeing and also Washingtonians in the coming, amazing colonization of orbital space (the high frontier), which begins not far above us, but very far away from the minds of many people.”
  • A vote for Darcy Burner is apparently a vote to open up the gates of hell!
  • Kurt Cobain’s kid kinda looks like Drew Barrymore. 
  • It’s Hammertime. Again.