Stock photography as interactive art

Here’s a really cool piece of interactive Flash Art. Drill down into the picture by clicking on it. Then keep on going down … it’s kinda hypnotizing. Can you find the rugby players, or the naked man holding the neon hula hoop? The pictures that are made of pictures of themselves are kinda trippy too … it’s easy to find “loops”.

Maybe Getty Images could advertise their wares this way? Update: they do.

One thought on “Stock photography as interactive art”

  1. So it turns out that Getty Images does use this to advertise their wares: it’s part of an interactive campaign that, coincedentally, Jay has worked on. I found this independently on Digg, and Jay was blown away by the coincidence when I told him about it.

    There’s a collection of other interactive art based on Getty stock photos here, and I’ll update the entry with this link, too, since they are all pretty cool.

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