Unlucky? Yes. Unthirsty? HELL YES!!!

On a Monday when I have chased after a runaway dog in my bathrobe, unleashed a torrent of scalding water inside my house and incurred $500 in charges from the plumber — all before nine in the morning! — I think it’s fair to say I need a drink. Right. Now.

So I couldn’t be happier to find a Google Maps app for directionally challenged lushes. You have to love the “happy hours at this very moment” checkbox. Unthirsty, where have you been all my life?

I’m off to get that drink!

4 thoughts on “Unlucky? Yes. Unthirsty? HELL YES!!!”

  1. This is great…
    But my college town only shows one bar!!
    Maybe Oklahoma’s Unthirsty Knowledge will catch up soon

  2. Gods be praised for you posting this link, Jay. Life will be so much easier now…

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