Your pinkish pal that’s fun to play with!

At long last, GenPets are here! Once you unwrap this bioengineered critter from its plastic packaging, it makes for a fun and low-maintenance, if rather ugly, companion.  Genes from hibernating creatures keep it fresh on the store shelf until activated.  How cool is that!?  Finally, Bonsai Kittens have some competition … and I’m sure snopes will be on the case soon.

3 thoughts on “Your pinkish pal that’s fun to play with!”

  1. i think the 3 years of bonsai kitten posts are hilarious. other than that, i’m creeped out… even though it’s fake.

  2. creeped out? it would be the perfect pet for my allergic to everything dog, who really needs a pet to keep him company. except yogi would eat his genpet. they would just need one who’s personality type was dominated by it’s survival instinct. and who wouldn’t upset yogi’s tummy when he did catch up with it.

  3. for a hoax site it is pretty elaborate. I especially liked the press page and media kit. but I definitely with the rest of you, creepy!

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