A taste of Alaska

I just got back yesterday from a 10-day wilderness experience in Alaska. Our friend Rai in Anchorage had organized a “taste of Alaska” tour for our little group of 6 from around the country. I was a bit nervous going in: it was the longest trip I’d spent away from Jay since we first got together, and the 10-day forecast before I left predicted showers 10 days straight. But it all worked out well: the weather was wonderful and despite missing Jay I had an amazing time.

After meeting up with the others in Anchorage, we took the ferry from Whittier to Valdez, where we spent 4 days in a cabin on Shoup Bay, kayaking to the nearby glacier. After relaxing there, we drove north to Glenallen where we were picked up by a bush pilot and deposited at the source of the Dadina River in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. From there, we had a trek up to the plateau nestled between three volcanoes, exiting 6 days later at the Sanford Glacier.

There are many stories to tell of the trip, but the details will have to wait until I upload the pictures. More later.

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