I Shall Drunk Dial No More

First, let me start by saying I have 2 really bad drunk habits (aside from being drunk). 1 is drunk emailing and the other is drunk dialing. We’ve all done it. We aren’t proud of it and most people that are the recipient of them have probably uttered, “We’ve all done it” in attempts to console. Nonetheless, the embarrassment from making said call still stings. If only there was a way to eliminate the chance of Drunk Dialing and not have to delete potential victims out of my phone…

AH-HA! This morning on my way to work NPR‘s Morning Edition had a little blurb about a mobile phone that could stop this embarassment.

“You blow into a spot and, if you’ve had too much to drink, the phone displays a weaving car hitting traffic cones. It will then prevent you from dialing pre-specified numbers that could cause embarrassment.

That is exactly what I need. I do some more digging to find this article on Engadget and another on MobileMag. I guess this is old news except that they will be available in the US very soon. Thanks to LG, I shall Drunk Dial No More.

5 thoughts on “I Shall Drunk Dial No More”

  1. I’m more afflicted by sending e-mail when drunk (or very, very tired, which has similar outcome), and I’ve considered the value of having a mail server that would hold any message sent late at night until the next day, when it could ask me to verify whether — with the benefit of a night of sleep — I still want to send the message.

    Part of the problem is the lack of control after the message is sent. In contrast, on some of the computer bulletin board systems that I used in the ’90s, I could sometimes save myself by logging in promptly the next morning and deleting the unfortunate text before anyone had seen it.

  2. actually, why not put a breathalyzer on a computer or keyboard? it would lock you out late at night unless you were sober. and while i’m at it, the software could also hold all messages (in case you are sleep deprived) and reaffirm and confirm your intent to send. and the software could only be uninstalled between 8 am and 6 pm to keep the drunkly dedicated from bypassing their own safegaurds. i’m gonna patent this.

  3. I love drunk dialing! However, I only ever do it to leave goofy, affection-laden voicemails for close friends. I never regret it. I just wish more people would return the favor…

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