People Get Ready

Tuedsday is six-six-oh six, time again for the rapture! Husband mentioned this to me while reading today’s headlines. The first words out of my mouth? “What are we going to wear?” On careful consideration I decided that I was going to stick with what I’m wearing right now – my most comfortable pants, which happen to be cargo pants (handy pockets), a black tank, and a zip front fleece. Layers and comfort are the key the dressing for adventure – and the rapture!
In final preparation, I’m relearning the words to Blondie’s classic 1981 track, remixed here.
See you in hell. I mean that in a GOOD way!

2 thoughts on “People Get Ready”

  1. OK, I am feeling kind of ripped off right now. I wanted to give it a good week in case there was some kind of cosmic delay but damn, they are all still here. What’s up with that? They were supposed to leave and then the rest of us were going to get the chance to fix the damage they’ve done. C’mon, it is my time to reign in hell!

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