New Game: “Asshole you hate the most”

I propose we begin a new game.  It will go like this.  Name the asshole in the world you hate the most and give the reason why.  I will go first.  Idaho big-game hunter Jim Martell.  My reasoning?  Here you go:

The first polar-grizzly bear has been discovered.  This might sound neat at first, but it is quite distressing when you think about it.  It means that grizzlies are being pushed into polar territory.  Grizzlies are endangered now.  Polar bears are not currently considered endangered but they are the first to suffer as the ice cap melts– and everyone but the leader of the free fucking world agrees that the ice cap is melting.  So basically we have two endangered species that are so threatened that they are mating.  And then we need to consider that as they inter-breed their DNA gets watered-down…oy.  This is not good. 

Now let’s look at how we know about this bear.  We know about it becuase it was killed by a sadistic fucker from Idaho with a tiny, tiny penis (hmm, do you think he is a rich Republican who drives a hummer?) who paid a native guide to take him hunting for a polar bear.  Apparently in Canada you can pay 45,000 fucking dollars to kill a beautiful, majestic, near-endangered animal on its own turf.


3 thoughts on “New Game: “Asshole you hate the most””

  1. to me, the polor grizzly represented the polar bears being driven out of the ice caps INTO grizzly teritory… but I guess it could be either way or a combo of both.

    right now the asshole i hate most is rush limbaugh. aside from all the obvious reasons, my main reason is that no matter how fucked up his life is he still talks/acts like he is the end-all-be-all solution to the worlds problems. he can’t even manage his own life, let alone the country or the rest of the world.

  2. Hmmm… so many assholes, so little time. Let’s see, there’s

    (1) Jeffrey Rosen for being a spineless rollover artist with regard to women’s reproductive rights (

    (2) Arlen Specter for caving into Repug and Administration pressure to call off our only hope at investigating the NSA wiretaps

    (3) Ann Coulter for (well, a lot of things) her most recent attack on the wives and families of those who lost someone in the 9/11 NYC attack

    (4) The WA state Board of Pharmacy for allowing pharmacists who deny women legal prescritpions because of their religious beliefs and…

    (5) Christine Gregiore for not enforcing a patient’s right to unfettered access to healthcare in the state of WA

    I could go on and on but I should probably stop. Perhaps we could widen this to a top 10 assholes of 2006 in December as a kind of wrap up. That way we could really light it up.

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