Mango Mania

So the other day I was in my favorite grocery store– New Seasons Market– and as I was wandering around the produce section admiring all the new delights that are starting to trickle in from local farms, I smelled it— the best scent in the world. 

Thing was, I couldn’t quite place what it was.  So I started to approach one thing at a time and take a big whiff in order to pinpoint what I was sure was my favorite scent.  First the melons– no, that wasn’t it.  Then a pinnaple– no, that wasn’t it.  Finally I saw some small peaches and stuck my nose close to the bin– these were it.

The peaches were hard and weren’t organic, so I didn’t get any.  But I understand the excitment that Indians feel when mango season arrives.  This is a great article on the frenzy in Bombay over the real deal. BTW, we are going to be able to get real Indian mangoes in the US soon.  I have read that they are unimaginably better than the mutant commercial lines we are offered here now.