Iran as mirror

File under: When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

This NYT article gave me pause:

With the tone of a teacher and the certainty of a believer, the president of Iran wrote to President Bush that Western democracy had failed and that the invasion of Iraq, American treatment of prisoners and support for Israel could not be reconciled with Christian values.Locked in a conflict with the West over Iran’s nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the observations in a letter on Monday that the Iranian government said “raised new ways of solving problems.”

The 18-page letter, whose text was made available by United Nations diplomats on Tuesday, did not offer any concrete proposals for dealing with the crisis, but suggested that the United States give up its liberal, democratic, secular system and turn more toward religion.

“Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems,” Mr. Ahmadinejad wrote.

It’s really interesting to reflect on the twin histories of the US and Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The mullahs took 70 Americans hostage and held them for 444 days. This led, by way of an October Surprise, to a landslide for Reagan. Since that victory, the mullahs here have been slowly taking our democracy hostage. Not counting the Clinton Interregnum, they’re on about 6,200 days of captivity. So it’s really no surprise to see the leader of Iran lecturing Bush on the finer points of managing a theocracy.

Of course Bush doesn’t really listen to anyone… but if he did, who better to guide him than a fellow puppet of fundamentalist clerics? If these two don’t manage to bring on World War III, maybe Ahmadinejad can join Bush’s think tank. That would be far less strange than George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s newfound bonhomie, right?
Iran is a mirror of what we’ve become, and Bush is leading us through the looking-glass. The more Bush rattles his saber at Iran, the more it will look like shadowboxing. The more he bombs them, the more explosions we will see here. It is the simplest equation. We have seen the enemy and they are us.

[Sorry, by the way, for being a bad blogger. I’ve been a hostage to work lately. I’ll work on busting loose a little.]