Senate abdicates its responsibility

When the president starts spying on his citizens without having to demonstrate to anyone that it’s legitimate, what would you expect the legislature to do? I’ll give you a hint: remember, the whole idea of checks and balances built into the three branches of government?


Well, that’s ok. Neither does the legislature.

When the president breaks the law and spies on Americans, apparently the legislature’s job is to do absolutely nothing.

  • Would someone please give W a blowjob so we can impeach the fucker. Since apparently serious crimes aren’t enough to do that.
  • Would someone please tell all those conservatives who railed against the Soviets’ spying on their own citizens during the Cold War and are now not worried about W doing it that they’re big fat stupid hypocrites.
  • Does anyone else feel a bit like the Seahawks at the Superbowl? We could be winning this thing, but the refs keep making dirty calls.
  • Why does the Senate hate America?
  • I’m going to cry now.