You have: Tea. No tea.

Ah, what a sweet case of cognitive dissonance. What’s a good fundie to do, when an evangelical film company produces a Bible-thumpin’ film about missionaries converting an Ecuadorean tribe to Christianity, but the lead actor is openly gay? On the one hand, you have the president of a Baptist Seminary slyly suggesting that firebombing the production company wouldn’t be a bad idea (gee, how Christian of him!). And on the other hand, you have Focus on the Family coming out with this perfectly reasonable statement (I thought I’d never see the day!):

Do we at Focus feel compelled to check on the sexual history of everyone in a movie? Did they have a D.U.I.? Did they pay their taxes?”

How’s a good Christianist supposed to make sense of all of this?

3 thoughts on “You have: Tea. No tea.”

  1. my close friend works for every tribe as a writer and promoter. he just returned from the UN after screening their newest film to find an inbox filled to the brim with hate mail from the religious right. completely true about the fire bombing. as far as i am aware, every theater in oklahoma city sold out the film it’s opening weekend and they were in the top 20 at the box office as well.

    my favorite is the message of redemption and forgiveness the film portrays. it’s essentially being boycotted by people who like to associate themselves with principles of that nature. ps…i’m a friend of shaun and julie and lyndi!

  2. my favorite crazy quote of the day is…

    Many evangelicals are concerned that young people inspired by the movie will look up Mr. Allen on the Web and “get exposed to his views on homosexuality, and that would cause some of them to question Biblical views of homosexuality and every other sin,” said Will Hall, executive director of, the news service of the Southern Baptist Convention

    first off, let’s not forget that daytime and primetime tv “exposes” us to many homosexuals so I don’t think a little search on the IMDB is going to kill anyone. I understand the need to protect “young people” so in addition to keeping them away from this movie, why don’t you ban them from xbox (or gaming console of your choice), keep them off the internet, and take away their tv and really teach them what the bible says.

    1 John 4:7-8
    Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

    again… still not sure about the whole god thing but i do study some bible now and then. and i certianly fucking believe that if you believe in something, you should fucking understand what it is you are believeing in. when will these “religious” types learn that they are the reason that sensible people have a hard time believing in a sentient being.

  3. Welcome to the clan, Randall! I didn’t know the film had even been distributed yet. I guess it’s probably knocked Brokeback Mountain out of the top 10 in OKC, right? 🙂 Did Brokeback Mountain ever even play in Oklahoma? Jay and I wanted to go see it when we were there at Christmastime, but no dice.

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