Beating A Dead Horse

How do investors feel about Google’s comprimise to get into the Chinese market? Ooops!

I know you guys are probably tired of hearing about Google right now. But I found this intresting. How do investors feel about Google’s comprimises to get into the Chinese market?

Oh Snap!

I guess evil doesn’t pay. But is Google really evil now that it’s compromised it’s ethics to appease Jiang Zemin? I guess Google is only 43% evil… today.

6 thoughts on “Beating A Dead Horse”

  1. I suspect the fact that Google missed its profit forecast in its quarterly report for the first time had more to do with this than the Chinese censorship issue…

  2. i disagree. this was about fighting the man/oppression/free speech etc. and you just killed that with your “facts” and research. besides, how do we know google didn’t enron the books to make it look like they missed quarterly earnings so it wouldn’t look like selling out to the chinese was the real cause in the drop. i, like tens of others, sold my one stock in google because of this and not because of one bad quarter. anyway the fight for a free china is now dead. way to go david.
    ps. i’ve been watching a lot of the colbert report so i think it’s satire is rubbing off on me. if anyone ever takes me serious, please call me and let me know so i can relay that message to my ex ;0)

  3. This blog has shited towards being techy/geeky lately. Howcome no one is writing much about food or travel or people? Okay non-techy people 😉

  4. tonight’s word is… sarcasm
    since you’ve never met me, you couldn’t possibly know that i’m always right. don’t feel duped, the truthiness of what i’m saying is hard for some to accept. my reasoning is as tight as mccains neck tie and as deep as kerry’s face is long.

    i should probably stop now. have a great week.

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