Tim Eyman is a big fat idiot–and a bigot

In case you missed it, Tim Eyman, our statewide superhero for selfish anti-community, anti-transit, anti-tax irritations has broadened his horizons and is now also a full-on crusader for bigotry.

Yep, Tim and his crew of ignorant little creeps want to try get an iniative on the ballot to undo the anti-discrimination billl that finally passed the state legislature last week.

Of course, the thing is, in reading his diatribe, it’s clear that not only is he a bigot, but an enormously stupid one at that. What’s his rationale for opposing the law? That preferential treatment for a class of citizens is wrong. Uhm? Right. Which is why the law is good. Remember, it undoes the preferential treatment that straight people had under the law before, and now provides equal protection.

I’d like to propose an initiative for the ballot as well–that for the good of the people, Tim Eyman be banished to one of the Aleutian Islands. Or, it might be just as satisfying to kick that bastard in the nuts.