And another victory in the war against terrorism

This a more positive one, though still it’s not an unequivocal one. And one that, again, highlights that religious extremists are the most dangerous people in the world today.

Yay! Finally the anti-discrimination bill passed in Washington, providing legal protection for all people, regardless of sexual orientation in housing, employment, and lending. I’m pleased as punch that it passed. Much rejoicing and all that.

But reading further in the PI article certainly dampened my excitement. The hate-filled and ignorant statements representing the 23 state senators who voted against the bill just left me flabberghasted and sad. Because the thrust of their argument is that the bill endorses discrimination by not allowing religious extremists to deny another group of people equal protection under the law.

Just think about the statement they are making here. What kind of religion–what kind of person–is dependent upon being able to legally repress another group of people?

According to Sen. Dan Swecker, “The bill would trample religious freedom for those who believe homosexuality is wrong.” The bill certainly doesn’t require any church to allow gay marriage, gay clergy, or even gay constituents. It doesn’t require that anyone be gay. It requires that people of all sexual orientations have the same basic rights in employment, lending, and housing. Anyone who feels that threatens their ability to practice their religion clearly belongs to a seriuosly fucked up church.

So I’m sorry I can’t be overjoyed by the bill passing, though I’m relieved and heartened, and my fullest congratulations to our Rep Ed Murray for sticking with this one all these years. You did good, Ed. I just wish more of your colleagues were made of the same good stock.

And it is a victory on the war against religious terrorism that the right is waging within our borders.

2 thoughts on “And another victory in the war against terrorism”

  1. I was struck by the comments, too. For a lot of the Republican senators it really seemed to boil down to “Well, I’ve got no problem with it, but if I don’t vote against it all the rednecks in my district will lynch me.” Very sad.

    And the guy who has the lesbian daughter has the most glaring case of cognitive dissonance:

    Sen. Bob Oke, R- Port Orchard, said his daughter is a lesbian. He said though the issue has been a long-standing point of conflict in his family but he held his position on the issue and voted against the bill.

    “That’s called tough love,” Oke said.

    “I believe homosexuality is morally wrong,” Oke said. “The Bible is very clear on this.”

    Tough love? Sheer spinelessness, more like it.

  2. “seriously fucked up church” is so right, Paulette. When the entire underpinning of your power construct – be it a church, nuclear family or government – is based upon fear, once people stop being afraid of your boogeyman (gays, feminists, Muslims) your ability to enforce your will is eroded. That is why for me none of this hatred and venom is terribly surprising nor worrying. We’ve got them on the run and all they can do is hurl their epithets from behind the podium. At least, in Washington, we’re starting to win the war.

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