A clear victory in the war against terrorism

Unfortunately, it’s for the bin Laden side.

Very little commentary needed. 53% of Americans are ok with unwarranted wiretaps if they think it will help protect them from a terrorist act.

Bush can hem and haw all he wants about how passing laws to allow him to do what he’s doing anyway let the terrorists know what we’re doing. So what? They win. Americans fear terrorism more than they care about preserving the fundamental basis of what this country is about.

(I’m also tempted to talk about the emptiness of any of those 53% talking about supporting our troops who are out there protecting our liberties. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are apparently over their putting themselves in real jeopardy for a bunch of cowards who are perfectly willing to let someone risk their lives to protect not our freedom and liberty, but our lazy, gas-guzzling, selfish lifestyles.)

I leave you with two thoughts.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” –Benjamin Franklin, 1755

“Harsh times call for harsh measures. Americans have a greater right to be safe than to be private.” —Joseph Palladino, Jan 23, 2006