Brokelahoma Mountain

Heartbreaking. Oklahoma, I wish I could quit you!

But remember– the “death tax” is an injustice. Unless you’re gay, in which case your dead partners cousins can contest the will and take everything.

4 thoughts on “Brokelahoma Mountain”

  1. this is outrageous. it’s one thing to take everything that man had and worked for but it’s just plain bitter and evil to try and collect back taxes on land that up until last year wasn’t theirs.
    and of course, the Oklahoma media hasn’t covered this story at all. i think i’ll make a phone call…

  2. Oh yeah, that’s the fucking final straw– there is no media organization in Oklahoma that would report this story at all, let alone with this level of sensitivity and tact.

  3. I am horrified by the blatant greed and viciousness of these people. What right other than their parents were related do these people have to displace someone from their home? Did these people care for Earl when he was ill and dying? No, they just showed up to pick over the carcass and run off the only person who deserves anything. I, like Shaun, am outraged.

  4. Yep, ditto on the lack of publicity in Oklahoma. I mentioned it to my sister in OKC (who, as Jay knows, would have seen this story if it had been published there). She was astounded (and sadly, not) that she hadn’t heard word one about it.

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