I Wish It Was Funny

After adding Rick Steves’s weekly travel show as a podcast to iTunes a few weeks ago, I finally got around to adding a few more podcasts and noticing that the iTunes store has a directory of podcasts. I clicked “Comedy” on the top-level iTunes page for podcasts where I find the president’s weekly radio address (which is also listed in “News & Politics”).

I haven’t added it. I feel like maybe I should, but his now familiar and unvarying delivery of anti-information is one of the many thing I look forward to not hearing after 2008.

Author: Gary

Writer and editor living in Seattle.

3 thoughts on “I Wish It Was Funny”

  1. I listened to a little bit of this speech – not much, I admit – but I was surprised to hear a slight shift in rhetoric. I think Prince George has a new writer. Even the analysts mentioned that he did not say “Stay the course.”

    His meaning was the same, of course, but the words were different.

  2. You’re probably right. I heard something about the White House being upset with The Onion, but that’s all I knew. I was a little surprised to see the non-news categorization of something from W. on an Apple-operated site, but I guess not surprised enough to investigate. 🙂

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