A little good news, for a change

A few years back I was working in the Eastlake neighborhood. I walked to work almost every day, down the stairclimb, across the treacherous I-5 onramp, and down the hill to the office. One morning at the top of the stairclimb I noticed a flyer – an Eastlake neighbor was looking for help getting funding for transforming the blackberry and beer infested patch of dirt underneath the freeway in to a park. (Sorry for that bad sentence. I’m trying to unravel it.)

I signed up to help. I posted petitions, gathered signatures, attended a few city meeetings, wrote a truckload of letters to the city… once, I was on the evening news – with my bicycle – talking about how bike and pedestrian unfriendly the crossing was and how great it would be if the Eastlake and Cap Hill neighborhoods, divided by I-5, could be connected again.

Today when I got home from yoga, there was a message on my machine from Chris, that Eastlake neighbor, asking me if I could attend the opening of the park this weekend. He said he really appreciated my work and wanted to introduce me at the festivities! I was touched and honored by that, though I’m not really sure I deserve any recognition. Writing down what I did, maybe it was significant, but it didn’t feel like much at all. Still, it’s a very sweet success! Where once were fences and candy wrappers, there’s now a park with bike trails! It’s just like that Talking Heads song! “This was a parking lot, now it’s a peaceful oasis!”

If you’re in Seattle this weekend, buzz by Colonnade Park and take a look. I helped make that happen! I couldn’t be more proud.

3 thoughts on “A little good news, for a change”

  1. Very impressed. Congratulations and you do deserve recognition, this is one of the reasons that you are a great citizen and your neighbors should be given the opportunity to thank you!

  2. Thanks, both of you! I’m a mediocre citizen at best, really. It seemed like so little effort and I can take so little of the credit, others were involved too. But I can’t wait to see the park completed and to feel like a tiny bit of pathway is, sort of, my doing.

    Multiple smileys here.

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