November 29th, 2005

It would suck to be allergic to nuts

A 15-year-old girl from Canada, Christina Desforges, died last week after kissing her boyfriend. He had eaten a peanut butter sandwich nine hours earlier and she was allergic to peanuts.

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My sympathies go out to Christina’s family… I can’t imagine the pain they are in. But I really feel for the boy friend. This poor, unfortunate kid. Not only does he have to deal with the image of kissing a girl and her dying, but he will now be known for the rest of his life as the KISS OF DEATH. He won’t be able to get a date until he’s 40. He’ll probably have to go to the Prom with his mom or sister. He’ll probably go crazy, grab a rifle, climb a clock tower and start unloading on people on their way to class. This poor guy. I feel really bad for him.

I know you’re wondering about my food/death fixation I have today. Honestly I don’t know what it is but at least it’s killing time my last week in the office.

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November 29th, 2005

The Last Supper

TUONG Van Nguyen will be allowed to order a takeaway meal – to the value of $8 – as a last grim treat before he is hanged on Friday.

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I don’t know what’s worse, having a last meal that can’t exceede $10 or being hung until dead (I know full well that dying would be worse than a $10 last meal, but humor me). Actually, if I knew I was going to be hung, I’d make sure I ate Taco Bell for the last meal. $10 worth of Taco Hell would make sure that when my neck snapped, I would leave everyone a nice surprise. I’d be dead but I’d have the last laugh.

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November 23rd, 2005

X’s and Oops

I first got wind of this on Google News Sci/Tech page. I dug a little further and found a Drudge Report on it as well.
Seems a random computer malfunction… OR IS IT?
Seems like 3 weeks ago allegedly some webmaster at Netscape/CNN was making his own comentary with this picture link “” that was a picture of the Bushes (aka the Brush because of density). Since then it’s been changed but still funny nonetheless. And this one has actual proof that the picture of the Brush was named moron.jpg. Too awesome.

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November 22nd, 2005

TiVo Announces iPod/PSP compatibility

The American digital video recording pioneer TiVo promised yesterday that subscribers would soon be able to watch recorded TV programmes on their video iPods or portable Sony PlayStations. TiVo expects to release software in the new year which will enable iPod and PSP users to download their favourite shows

You may even get an autosync feature…
Thank you TiVo, I can now watch all the Military and HG Channel shows I want on my iPod. This raises the question, do I download from iTunes for $1.99 a show or pay $45 and get all I have time to convert? I guess this depends on the amount of free time you have. I see a battle brewing.

Here’s another…

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November 19th, 2005

Insult to Injury

About a week ago, I got new tabs for my car. I didn’t really look at the sticker when it arrived in the mail. Today I went out to put the new sticky on my plate . Guess what the image is on the current issue of registration stickers? A monorail.

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November 19th, 2005

Let’s Play Security Checkpoint!

I heard about this on Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me this morning, on which they wondered if this toy was meant to teach children that it’s fun to search each other (second only to playing doctor).

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November 18th, 2005

Worst Dressed

There’s a long thread on Slashdot about article run in the Syndney Morning Herald saying that IT workers have been dubbed the worst dressed corporate employees. If you want to spend a few minutes thinking about something else for a change, this is an amusing diversion. Cranky IT nerds duke it out over “style” and what is and isn’t IT and where the girls are. Get yer stereotypes here!

A few excerpts:

Fashion critique: The most disconcerting thing, though, is the growing presence of fat guys in kilts.

How to get dressed: If I could get office-appropriate wrinkle resistant shirts A-F, and pants 1-3, and consult a simple n-dimensional style-matching matrix on the website, I might finally get to talk to a girl. …and the website should have an easy to query API for style-match checking.

Social commentary: I see a jackass in a suit and they are still a jackass. I see a king in rags and they are still a king.

Oh, it’s a total time waster, this thread is. Sometimes funny, sometimes bitter, unraveling into a slugfest here and there as indignent nerds fight about the value of IT and getting dressed for work.

Disclaimer: Lately, I hardly ever go to client sites. I’m at home more and more because my clients are repeat business – I don’t have to suit up and go make an impression. I do get cleaned up now and then to go to meetings, but mostly, I’m home in flannel jammies. Not office appropriate, but I think they’re pretty cute. These guys probably wouldn’t consider me IT, though.

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November 16th, 2005

Time to Mainline the Mainstream

No one is surprised by the GAO report about the FDA’s rejection of “Plan B,” least of all me. Nor am I surprised that Alito is anti-abortion. It is also no shock that the political hack installed at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting abused his position to serve his political masters. And none of this should surprise you either, if you have been paying attention for the last 5 years, let alone the last 5 weeks.

The Republicans, who used to be a pretty savvy group of guys, have had their party stolen by “true believers.” Instead of compromise and coalition, we now have neo-cons and the Religious Right. And they are really screwing the pooch for the mainstream Republicans who happen to believe in things like privacy and fiscal responsibility. I feel sorry for the regular guy Rep because his party has been turned into a mega-church with rape rooms.

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November 15th, 2005

Preznit losing it?

With Bush now apparently only talking to his favourite gal-pals on a daily basis, maybe it’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

Of course, the scary thing about that is that it would mean Cheney would be running the show. On the other hand, maybe that wouldn’t be so different from status quo.

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November 15th, 2005

On Target

I’m just going to paste the mail I got from Target here in its entirety and ask this question: Does this mean I can’t shop at Target anymore?

Dear Target Guest;

In our ongoing effort to provide great service to our guests, Target consistently ensures that prescriptions for the emergency contraceptive Plan B are filled. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also requires us to accommodate our team members’ sincerely held religious beliefs.

In the rare event that a pharmacist’s beliefs conflict with filling a guest’s prescription for the emergency contraceptive Plan B, our policy requires our pharmacists to take responsibility for ensuring that the guest’s prescription is filled in a timely and respectful manner, either by another Target pharmacist or a different pharmacy.

The emergency contraceptive Plan B is the only medication for which this policy applies. Under no circumstances can the pharmacist prevent the prescription from being filled, make discourteous or judgmental remarks, or discuss his or her religious beliefs with the guest.

Target abides by all state and local laws and, in the event that other laws conflict with our policy, we follow the law.

We’re surprised and disappointed by Planned Parenthood’s negative campaign. We’ve been talking with Planned Parenthood to clarify our policy and reinforce our commitment to ensuring that our guests’ prescriptions for the emergency contraceptive Plan B are filled. Our policy is similar to that of many other retailers and follows the recommendations of the American Pharmacists Association. That’s why it’s unclear why Target is being singled out.

We’re committed to meeting the needs of our female guests and will continue to deliver upon that commitment.

Jennifer Hanson
Target Executive Offices

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