Next Big Apple Cash Cow Pt. 2

I wonder how long it will be before we’re rating our favorite music video’s on David’s rating scale and composing mixes of our favorite shows, movies and music videos

I’m sure everyone by now has heard about the video iPod. In the presentation to the world Steve Jobs one-upped portable media players. Although I’m disappointed that they didn’t go with my suggestion for vPod I’m happy to see network tv totally onboard with this idea (commercial free I might add) and movie companies are soon to follow. A lot of people (see Mark Cuban’s blog about How Bob Iger Saved Network TV) are taking note of the speedy adoption of this new format.
2 questions come to mind:
1) I wonder how long it will be before we’re rating our favorite music video’s and Lost episodes on David’s rating scale and composing mixes to play on our tv or in our car during the next road trip.
2) Will advertising try to infiltrate this media as well and how will they do it? Will they offer commercials you can download for free (I can then watch all those Vonage commerical I love non-stop)? Will they try to sue to keep the commercials in? Will they offer lower priced versions of the show with commercial interruption? I expect an answer from some of you marketing virtuosos.

Jay, it looks like Audi has plans to integrate soon ;0)

2 thoughts on “Next Big Apple Cash Cow Pt. 2”

  1. The main think I’d like to get on the video iPod is music videos. I really miss music videos. As a kid I used to watch a 2-hour program of videos every saturday morning and I loved it. These days, in spite of (or rather, because of) MTV, music videos are hard to find — especially for a song or even genre you actually like.

    I’d love to be able to rate music videos on my iPod and keey my favourites. I’d download OK Go’s backyard dancing video for A Million Ways today and give it 5 stars — it is that cool.

  2. “they have some rhythm and are able bodied”… so I guess that means there’s hope for me to be famous. And by hope I mean one leisure suit, two fat chop burns, a camera, and some slow motion “fight scene” dancing. But I don’t want it to be cankered with irony ;0)

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