Nola spirits spook soldiers

The SF CBS affiliate hasa very interesting video of California National Guard soldiers telling tales of ghostly apparitions in a school they have commandeered as a base of operations. It’s kind of cool. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of talk of Bibles found mysteriously open to Revelations 11, which speaks of a city destroyed and its dead left in the streets. Reading the chapter, it doesn’t really sound as appropriate as the soundbite suggests. What’s not cool is the unidentified soldier wandering around the school with a cross trying to exorcise it and talking about how “this is a dark place and the military is bringing light.” Onward Christian Soldiers I suppose, but it’s a creepy ending to an otherwise interesting segment.

One thought on “Nola spirits spook soldiers”

  1. Great, that’s all we need, the military invoking the power of God on behalf of their mission. Apparently, following the orders of our government isn’t enough for them.

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