Dance Dance Immolation

Here in the offices of the new Xbox, we were pretty interested to hear about a camp at this year’s Burning Man that I totally missed: Dance Dance Immolation. (Actually, I’m not sure if that was the name of the camp; the artists are Interpretive Arson.)

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The idea— if I have this right— is that there are two contestants simultaneously dancing (as I guess you can have in Dance Dance Revolution, if you have two dance pads) in flame-resistant clothing who compete against each other in the game. Behind them, judges control flame jets aimed at the contestants, who get blasted when they miss too many steps. Based on the few minutes that I’ve played DDR at home on my Xbox, I suspect that I would’ve been nicely roasted by the end of a session at Dance Dance Immolation.

Here’s the descriptive film that helped earn Interpretive Arson a $1000 grant from BORG2 to make the project reality.

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2 thoughts on “Dance Dance Immolation”

  1. Actually, we weren’t a camp at all! We were out on the open playa, reflected across 2:00 and Delerium. We’ll be at the SF Decompression, and maybe next year’s burning man! (Assuming we don’t completely hate it by then)

  2. also, fwiw, the flamethrowers are under computer control. of course, we have manual override buttons in case we think you’re not getting enough fire… 😉

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