“Oil Storm”

Fiction? Must be, because the plot of this “hurricane hits oil field” drama features a US administration that does something right. The rest of the plot? We may soon be watching it in real-time if Katrina has really hit Port Fourchon as hard as it looks like she has.

And by the way– if this hurricane does lead to a crisis that prompted the US to use less oil, I will definitely start praying to Gaia.

One thought on ““Oil Storm””

  1. And heaven forbid that the government step in to subsidize the cost of refined fuel in a crisis brought on by a natural disaster. I mean it is one thing to let the market move the price on supply and demand – but what do we pay taxes for if the governement isn’t willing to step into help in the event of a natural disaster?

    While I understand that for the most part there really isn’t much we can do regarding the price of oil as dictated by OPEC and market forces, I am not willing to let the gov’t stand aside and watch its citizens lose to a hurricane.

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