Mmm…Bacon Tastes Good

To paraphrase Homer Simpson. “Bacon. Is there anything it can’t do?

I love a food geek. Especially a food geek with a particular speciality, as it were. The Bacon Show, in addition to providing a bacon recipe a day, every day, also provides no end of links to all things bacon–from bacon curers and hogfarmers to literature extolling the joys of cured pig’s bellies to, uhm, resources to purchase bacon bracelets and bandaids.

Though I’m a little disturbed by the Bacon Robots. Specifically, the tagline: “Because the only thing better than bacon is a hot animatronic lady to cook it for you.”

One thought on “Mmm…Bacon Tastes Good”

  1. Bacon Robots? Were you offended by the concept or by the narrowmindedness that assumed: a) the reader was male and, b) the readership would relate to a female doing the cooking?

    I’ve always felt that the only obstacle to complete home automation and the 50’s vision of robotics was society’s desire to anthropomorphize a toaster and select a gender for an entire category of labor-saving devices.

    Which reminds me of one of the fundamental advantages of English over so many other languages – the lack of gender in the noun pool. Other than a few, sentimental attempts at making boats and ships female, we live in a world of transgender nouns. Who, in their right mind, debates the merits of whether a mouse pad is male or female?

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