Ah, the martyrs

I’m a Christian. As such, I’ve read the Bible. I seem to remember the parts where Christians were persecuted as having lions. And whippings. And murders. Whenever I read things like this, I feel like the true martyrs of my faith are being insulted. And I wonder where I can get me some lions–because last time I checked, it’s us fags who are getting beaten and murdered, not the Christians.

History warns us that when large religious groups start imagining themselves to be oppressed by a pernicious and cunning minority, bad things can happen. So it was with a growing sourness in my stomach that I watched the luminaries of the Christian right take the stage at a Tennessee “megachurch” Sunday evening for “Justice Sunday II.”

The ostensible purpose of the gathering (which I watched via webcast) was to muster support for the Bush administration’s judicial appointees — especially but not exclusively Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. But as speaker after speaker hammered on the theme of oppression of Christians by a shadowy liberal establishment, it became clear that, like many of the sermons, books, and articles written by leaders of the Christian right, the real purpose of “Justice Sunday II” was to reinforce a sense of victimhood among the broadest possible swath of American Christians.

Read the whole piece, cue the ominous music.

One thought on “Ah, the martyrs”

  1. “Eighty-five percent of this country is Christian. It’s not a matter of shoving our ideas down somebody’s throat. It’s a matter of us saying we want to stand up and we want to be counted. And saying we’re tired of being second-class citizens to these people and we are not going to take it any longer.”

    Oooh, don’t I feel powerful. I am of the 15% who are not self-proclaimed Christians. Watch me oppress you – Bwahahaha

    “We, like everyone else, have a right to speak in the public square”

    You know I used to pass these people everyday on the campus at Berkeley – if you can speak out about right-wing Christian values there, I think you pretty much have a free ride in the rest of the country.

    “You and I can bring the rule and reign of the cross to America, and we can change America on our watch together,” he called out. “Do you believe it?”

    Shit, yes, I believe it. Am I not now sitting here with GWB as president? Are school districts not talking about introducing a theological discussion into the science curriculum? Do I not live in a country where it is considered A-OK to pray for God to kill off judges? Apparently all that’s left is to bring back the Inquisition. (Our main weapon is surprise, surprise and fear…)

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