What the hell is wrong with Kansas?

Given today’s decision, maybe I really do need to read this. Because I so do not get it.

Honestly, I’m not a total secular facist. If the schools want to teach comparative religion and, as part of that, mention that there are some folks who, as part of their religious view of the world, are critical of evolution, well, that’s a-okay. Learning the tentants of the world’s religions is a valuable contribution to any eductation. But when a state funded program starts to endorse one of those viewpoints…. well, that’s NOT okay. Also not okay? When the distinction between science and religion break down. And when the distinction between church and state breaks down, well that just makes me crazy.

4 thoughts on “What the hell is wrong with Kansas?”

  1. First, as a woman who spent 12 years in a private Catholic school I was taught evolution by a nun. Sister Sharon never once alluded to divine design when we were dissecting frogs and spent an incredible amount of time on how human beings are damaging the earth through their carelessness. She taught me science from 5th through 8th grade.

    Second, I just want to point out how incredibly nice this article is to this group of religio-fascists. For example, the title “Kansas Schools OK Scrutiny of Evolution.” What the title should be is “Kansas Schools agree to doom their students to economic slavery.” When more and more of our students are failing in math and science and we are falling behind the rest of the world in producing scientists of worth, why would anyone actively undermine the teaching of evolution with faith based woo woo? Oh, that’s right, to produce economic slaves.

  2. Ya know – the book is just amazing – it is more an indictment of the democrats and how they let the working poor be co-opted into the foolishness of the politics of emotional one-liners and such…. but read it – it’s really really good.

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